Financial Accounting

Our Finance & Accounting Outsourcing service are designed to address most complicated business imperatives of the complex Indian business environment and to the benefit of modern-day chief financial officers (CFOs). No matter the scope or scale, we take a collaborative and customized approach for each of our client and with a customer centric approach, our FAO practices works to develop solutions that meet each client’s distinctive requirements with respect to business operations, processes and technology. We offer end to end services from the basic transactional processes to most advanced & complex.

We specialize in effective accounts payable processes that optimize working capital & cash management, sustain cash savings, manage & plan cash flows in advance, and enable long-term supplier relationship management which helps organizations to maximize profits and thrive in rapidly changing economies.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services include: –

Vendor Registration
Vendor Master management
Document Management
Invoice/Claims Approval management
Invoice/Claims Processing
Payment Processing – Invoices/Claims
Disbursement/Outward Management
Issue resolution/Help Desk Management
Month End Reporting & support
Regular Routine MIS & Exceptional Analytics to management
Help desk services
Approval and resolution management

Receivables management is at the core of the sales, cash flow, and revenue realization value chain. We have designed and developed effective and robust industry specific processes to manage the receivables function of an organization. With our accounts receivable management, enterprises can improve collection rates to boost cash flow and free up working capital, which in turn will enhance overall productivity and service. Our approach combines agile processes, analytics and technology to lower the receivable cycle, unlock working capital, effective operations across the enterprise.

Account Receivables Services include: –

Customer Master data maintenance
Credit Management Services
Order Management Services
Billing & Rating
Dispatch Management
Collections Management
Customer Help Desk
Deductions Management /Exception Management
Dispute Management

We function as client’s virtual back-office for all their bookkeeping and general ledger accounting work. We understand clients concern about the risks of outsourcing bookkeeping & accounting services and thus maintain high standards of confidentiality and security with the help of appropriate procedures in place.

We help our clients by designing and implementing best operating models that combines process, technology and analytics. We partner with our clients in their journey of consolidating and harmonizing their record-to-report processes. Our general accounting services helps clients to improve their accounting & financial cycle times, reduce rework, automate processes, and lower the risk of negative legal and financial consequences from inaccurate reporting.

General Ledger and bookkeeping Services include: –

Month-end & Year-end Closing
Intercompany accounting
Global harmonization of processes, reconciliation frameworks.
Account reconciliations (bank, cash, sub-ledger)
Consolidated Financial Reporting
Preparation of Financial Statements & Reports
General Ledger
Accruals and reserves
Fund Accounting
Treasury Accounting Processes
Audit Support
Analysis and Reporting

Maintaining an accurate and reliable fixed asset inventory is a challenging, labor-intensive task for any organization. With a team of highly qualified professionals, our objective is to become a one stop destination for services related to fixed asset management for our clients. While ANS fixed asset management service will assist you in meeting external/internal audit requirements, it can also be extremely beneficial in meeting your capital budgeting, financial and risk management reporting requirements.

Fixed asset verification is an important concern of every company, regardless of its size. Many organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance and depreciation status of their fixed assets. Our comprehensive approach cleanses and fortifies the fixed asset register to establish a strong foundation for effective fixed asset management.

Our Fixed Asset Management Services provide the necessary data visibility to identify operational savings in many areas and avoid the risk of non-compliance with financial, tax and regulatory issues.

A fair statement of fixed assets
An updated FAR
Audit compliance
Assessment of FAR (Fixed Assets Register) and Accounting Records
Physical Verification & Tagging of Assets
Reconciliation of Physical Verification Report with FAR
Discussion of Discrepancies and Sign-off

An optimal treasury function can significantly reduce financial risks and financial costs of a business enterprise. Our mission as treasury management function is to manage the liquidity of client’s business. This means that all current and projected cash inflows and outflows must be monitored to ensure that there is sufficient cash to fund company operations, as well as to ensure that excess cash is properly invested.

Treasury management function includes: –

Cash forecasting
Working capital monitoring
Banking operations and transactions advisory
Credit rating agency relations
Financial risk management
Financial supply chain management