India Market Entry

Today, more than ever, companies from around the world want to expand their global operations, reach new customers, diversify risk and tap into new sources of revenues. In the fast paced world of international business, expanding globally is no longer an option but an “imperative” for securing long term success and organizational vitality.

To successfully compete in global markets, companies must evaluate many complex and competing options. There is a maze of issues to consider when making decisions to enter international markets ranging from: selecting optimum markets for your products and services, developing market entry and business development strategies, meeting a myriad of product regulatory, import and export compliance requirements, establishing effective legal and taxation structures, selecting channels of distribution, optimizing new supply chains and more. Adding cultural barriers, trade agreements, government agencies, and customs regulations to the mix makes ‘going global’ even more of a challenge. We at ANS Business Solutions are your trusted partner to assist your business in navigating the complexities of market and business expansion.

We have extensive experience of working with overseas organizations towards achieving successful and accelerated entry into India. We understand your stated and unstated business needs and requirement and recommend an entry plan into the Indian market based on recent industry trends and competitive intelligence. We assist you in determining potential strategic partners i.e. agent/distributor, licensing agreement partners, value added resellers, technology transfer, buy back arrangements and joint ventures. Further we assist you in business-negotiation and finalization of contractual terms through to completion.

Market Business Intelligence & Industry Analysis
  • In-depth research & analysis of target sector
  • Identifying Gaps & Opportunities in India
  • Match strengths of client with the gaps in Indian sector
  • Apprise on regulatory aspects, trade and non-trade barriers specific to client’s target industry.
  • Present a detailed Trade Advisory report
Opportunity Study
  • Provide opportunity assessment reports on focus sectors of Indian economy
  • Regular market intelligence updates on target sectors
  • Regular updates on relevant regulatory changes
Partner Search
  • Identify Indian companies operating in the target segment
  • Assess suitability & Interest
  • Present a summary report providing detailed profile of the shortlisted companies based on one to one discussions & internal evaluations
Geographical Location Study
  • To shortlist potential manufacturing/office locations based on the requirements provided by client and advice on most suitable site alternatives along with details such as gross rental, availability, normal Lease terms and structures and lease tenor
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of setting up in a Domestic Tariff Area vis-a-vis Special Economic Zone
  • Tax incentives/grants available from the local government for setting up of manufacturing facilities
Greenfield Establishment
  • Submit, co-ordinate and expedite all relevant government zoning regulation / building bye laws and manufacturing statutory approvals.
  • Project monitoring and tracking to ensure all programme remain on schedule
  • Single Point contact in India with a designated person for all enquiries
  • Recruitment and selection of staff including senior management
  • Provide local representation wherever necessary
  • Liaise with contractors and vendors
  • Review and advice on office lease agreement
  • Advice and drafting of employment agreement & contracts
  • Assist with negotiation of vendor/contractor price and payment terms
  • Arrange & Attend weekly teleconference progress meetings
Trade Events & Seminars Participation
  • Tracking important industry events and apprise regularly
  • Attend and participate on behalf of clients
  • Manage country pavilion at trade events for clients
Trade Mission Support
  • Organizing trade missions and providing support to trade delegations
  • Pre-briefings on cultural aspects while dealing with Indian companies
  • Facilitating B2B meetings and arranging trade and investment seminars
India Validation Visits
  • Develop meetings plan & submit detailed itinerary
  • Advice on individual companies point of discussions
  • Accompany to meetings
  • Prepare Call Reports

We offers support to overseas organizations during pre-start and early start initiatives of getting a strong foothold in India to tap the fast growing Indian market. Our Quasi representation helps companies accelerate & develop upon a new business or expand existing business in India. Local representation also helps in overcoming cross-cultural barriers.

We have successfully executed several mandates for managing the India office of our clients and has assisted them to build along term profitable business. Our extensive network of contacts with key influencers including industry associations, government representatives and decision makers at fast growing Indian companies presents opportunities for our clients to capitalize on leads across the full spectrum of Indian business

Quasi Representation
  • Local on ground representation in the Indian market
  • We works as a “Facilitator” who provides much needed “on-ground” support, without clients having to go through the legalities, paperwork, cost, and time in setting up a local office in India
  • Raise the company profile amongst industry stake holders in India
  • Access to a fully operational office facility in the heart of New Delhi’s commercial district and our resources
  • In market support during your visit to India including prequalification of customers and arrangement of meetings
  • Organizing trade missions and providing support to trade delegations, facilitating B2B meetings, arranging investment seminars delegations, facilitating B2B meetings and arranging investment seminars/ investor road shows
Business Development & Lead Generation
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of prospects and market intelligence from a variety of sources such as industry journals, trade events and client meetings
  • Follow up on existing leads
  • Meetings with existing or potential customers/distributors
  • Develop and grow a network of contacts and relationships with appropriate industry organizations
Partner/Client Liaison & Payment Tracking
  • This service enables overseas enterprises to overcome challenges associated with India market entry such as verification and evaluation of local partners, language & cultural barriers and Government related issues etc.
  • We will liaise with the customer/partner to ensure all payments are received in line with the terms of the contract. Advice will also be provided on structuring of payment terms and other contractual obligations
Staff Recruitment & HR Advisory
  • Recruitment of full time dedicated person/staff for India operations.
  • Monthly status report on activities undertaken and progress made against pre-agreed annual plan
  • Understand client requirement, prepare job description, shortlist candidates, facilitate/ conduct their interviews, conduct reference checks and background verification of the selected candidates
  • Advice on employment contracts, local government policies and guidelines and Legal compliance of employment entry/exit process

We provide procurement solutions for organizations aiming to source goods from India. “Procurement Solutions” may involve some or all of the following activities as Identification and accreditation of key suppliers, Manufacture and approval of product samples, Finalization of contractual terms and Settlement of payment proceeds.