Ms. Neetu Kishore

Ms. Neetu Kishore

Partner, Business Services

A Visionary Partner Driving IT Business Services Excellence

Ms. Neetu Kishore, a highly accomplished and visionary leader, as a Partner in our Business Services division. With over 30 years of experience across a diverse range of organizations, Ms. Kishore has established herself as an expert in IT systems, infrastructure solutions, and management services. Her transformative leadership has driven organizational success and positioned IT as a strategic enabler for businesses.

Throughout her career, Ms. Kishore has embraced challenging opportunities to revolutionize IT environments, spearheading organizations through complex technological and environmental changes. Her unwavering focus has been on aligning IT with business objectives, harnessing diverse talents and skills across global landscapes.

In her previous role as the IM Business Solutions Leader for Supply Chain IT in GE Aviation, Ms. Kishore displayed exceptional leadership and expertise. She successfully managed operations of intricate legacy IT systems while driving strategic initiatives in emerging technologies and trends such as Data Analytics, ERP, and Cloud migration. Her strategic vision and adeptness in leveraging technology advancements played a pivotal role in optimizing supply chain operations and enhancing business performance.

Ms. Kishore’s contributions extend beyond GE Aviation. As an IT Leader in the Technology Services Centre of Excellence at GE Healthcare, she formulated robust IT technology strategies and roadmaps for the business in Asia. Her transformative leadership enabled her to effectively manage the dynamic business requirements of emerging markets, stakeholders, and successful program execution. Her insights and strategic guidance ensured the integration of cutting-edge technologies to drive operational efficiency and deliver exceptional healthcare solutions.

Prior to her tenure at GE, Ms. Kishore accumulated a wealth of experience in leading IT organizations such as Infosys, CMC, Fujitsu ICIM, and others. Working closely with both Indian and international clients, she developed a deep understanding of diverse business landscapes and gained invaluable insights into the global IT services industry.

Ms. Kishore’s outstanding track record, profound technical expertise, and ability to drive transformative change have earned her a reputation as an industry leader. Her strategic vision and passion for innovation enable her to envision and implement solutions that propel businesses forward.

Her extensive experience, unwavering commitment to excellence, and ability to drive technological advancements make her an invaluable asset. With her strategic guidance and visionary leadership, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional business services, empowering our clients to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and achieve sustainable growth.