Role of Sports in Economic Development

Today, our economy is facing number of challenges. We are not growing at the expected rate and this stability is becoming a cause of concern. One of the biggest challenges facing our economy is unemployment. In a population of 1.3 billion, there is a plethora of reasons for this. Job opportunities tops the list of these reasons. Development of any sector or any field in our country would inevitably lead to employment generation, which is the need of the hour. There is immense competition and the subsequent cons due to this problem standing on our way to development

Sports is one such field, if it is encouraged and developed, it would generate a number of job opportunities. This is the most important role of sports in economic development. I strongly feel that sports is not encouraged in our country to the extent that it should be. Everybody is a cricket fan but what about other sports? Why are these sports not talked about even half as much as cricket. This question would go down in history! Nevertheless, employment generation is a step towards economic development and it can be achieved through sports.

Another way in which sports contributes towards economic development is by skill development. It focuses on skill training and elevating aspirations of individuals in a society. In the present scenario where less than 10% of our workforce receives formal skill training, it’s not difficult to comprehend the need of skill development.

Alternatively, it plays a key role in working towards a healthy population. Sports is not only necessary for physical health but also the mental health. It is beneficial for both the body and mind, alike. That is why physical exertion is recommended even by therapists dealing with mental patients. What better way to work towards a happy nation other than focussing on something so integral? A happier nation is a more progressive nation.

Sports has a substantial role in the economic development of India. It needs to be encouraged and empowered. It has multiple benefits. Development is not solely about moving towards a nation where everyone is able to fulfill their basic needs. It also about moving towards a nation where each individual is happy. A nation where stress and mental pressure due to this unnecessary competition are not haunting individuals. Sports is a step in that direction.

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